Positive Behaviour Support


Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is a framework which provides long-term support to individuals with complex needs and is recommended to those who display behaviours of concern which pose a risk to themselves or others.

The fundamental aim of PBS is to improve the individual’s quality of life and those supporting them. PBS achieves this goal by adopting a ‘person-centred’ approach, which means it puts the person first including their viewpoints, needs and wants. In practice this means that our PBS practitioners work collaboratively with the individual and those around them, to ensure that the strategies put in place “wrap around” the person appropriately and are suitable for the setting. Our PBS team develops, supports, and reviews the implementation of PBS plans within a range of services, including residential care, supported living, and family homes.

Whilst developing these plans, PBS practitioners observe, assess, and analyse behaviours of concern for referred clients using behavioural psychology techniques, including Applied Behavioural Analysis. Depending on the individual’s needs, the team will often work collaboratively with a range of other disciplines including Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and others.

In addition to analysing behaviours of concern, PBS adopts an approach based on identifying and building strengths within the individual, such as regulation of emotions, resilience, and goal setting.

PBS practitioners work within the setting to identify strategies and practices which support existing strengths, develop new coping strategies, and proactively avoid previously difficult to manage situations.  This positive behavioural approach minimises the use of restrictive practices.

To ensure a unified approach, the PBS team provides training, support, and mentoring to staff-teams and family members in their implementation of PBS. Our experienced PBS team receive external specialist PBS consultation and supervision, and are engaged in accreditation training.

If you would like a PBS information leaflet in PDF format please select this: PBS Leaflet download link